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This item is not a full headphone. This item includes the parts to customise exclusively the original Sennheiser HD25. The parts in bold below are the ones included in each purchase. Follow the instructions on the Description section to see the full information and content of your purchase and choose the right item for you.

Please, make your selection below and the preview of your Sennheiser HD25 will update automatically.

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Please follow the instructions to choose your product.

  • Be sure to select the headphones you have or plan to purchase.
    • HD25 for: Sennheiser HD25, HD25 II, HD25 Amperior, HD25 Aluminum, HD25 600 Ohms
    • HD25 LIGHT for: Sennheiser HD25 Light, HD25 SP (thanks to our new can design you can use all HD25 drivers with your HD25 Light Diadem & Cable)

  • Choose the Line you prefer. You can find a detailed comparison between Loco Line and Loco pro on our Can Shop page.
  • Choose a colour.
  • For further personalisation visit our Premium Service page.

Additional Info

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 10 cm

HD25 + HD25 Light set, HD25 Hinge, HD25 Light set, HD25 set


Alu-Black, Alu-Blue, Alu-Bordeaux, Alu-Green, Alu-Orange, Alu-Petrol Blue, Alu-Red, Alu-White, Blue, Bordeaux, Brown, Green, Orange, Petrol Blue, Pro Black, Pro Concrete, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

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